28. Januar 2024

Paula 01

The design concept targets young individuals embracing a nomadic lifestyle while still appreciating high-quality yet simple furniture. The integrity of construction and materials is paramount. Assembly of the furniture piece requires no tools and minimal prior knowledge, allowing for independent setup. Additionally, it should be easily bundled and portable for effortless transportation.

We utilized plywood as the base material, covered with white HPL. This combination ensures high resistance and durability over an extended period, making it ideal for frequent relocation. The material is also easily millable, does not warp in the long term, and can be effortlessly cleaned. Therefore, it serves as the optimal material for a frequent cycle of deconstruction and reconstruction, preventing wear on the connections.

During assembly, the strap completes the surface of the side panels, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal. Additionally, the strap provides the opportunity for customization by incorporating different colors or patterns into the shelf design. This versatility allows the manufacturing company to introduce various versions while maintaining cost-effectiveness.

This project was developed with Max Boehm during my second year at Bauhaus University, Weimar.